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U-TEST strives to create a comfortable, relaxed, and safe environment for our clients. The encounter, which takes about twenty minutes, has two main parts.


The first part is a brief survey which asks about previous HIV testing history, potential exposures, and some basic questions about risk factors. The questions are designed to be non-judgmental and optional; answer whatever you feel comfortable with. These questions help us get a better sense of how to provide appropriate counseling and resources for each client.


The second part is performing the actual test and providing the result. The INSTI™ test is a simple finger prick, so only a few drops of blood are needed. The entire process can take as little as a minute to perform, and test provides instant results. Watch the video below to see just how rapid the test can be! Testers will then provide the result of the test.


Regardless of the result, testers will help you determine your best next steps, whether that's connecting you to confirmatory testing and HIV care services or planning your next HIV testing date.


The INSTI™ Test is a rapid, third generation HIV-1/2 antibody test. It is designed to detect HIV infections in individuals who were exposed to the HIV virus 3 months before testing or earlier. Three months after an exposure, the test is over 99% sensitive and specific for HIV, meaning it is an extremely accurate test. For exposures that occurred sooner than 3 months ago, the INSTI™ Test is less likely to accurately identify an individual's HIV status. We at U-TEST like to say that this test tells clients their HIV status as of 3 months ago. 


In the event of a non-reactive (negative) test result, testers will work with the client to decide a timeframe for clients to return to get re-tested for HIV. After that, the encounter is over.


In the event of a reactive (positive) test result, several things will happen. First and foremost, testers will allow time for clients to understand and process their results. Testers will take as much time with you as you need. Then, the encounter will transition from an anonymous encounter to a confidential encounter. This means testers will collect some identifying information from clients. This information will be used to set up an appointment for you at Harborview Medical Center's free HIV clinic, called the One-on-One Clinic, where clients will get confirmatory testing and get connected to long-term care with an HIV specialist. This appointment will usually be a few days after getting tested at U-TEST. 

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